Таня Терешина гордится романом с молодым любовником The singer does not hide the age difference with the new one. Tanya Tereshina claims that she doesn’t care what you think of her and her young cavalier around. The ex-soloist Hi –Fi hinted that he is happy with this guy and holidays that they spent together were the best time in her life. “Be friends with your mother-in-law!”, – joking fans of the singer.

      The former lead singer of the popular band Hi –Fi Tanya Tereshina once again confirms that lady she very extravagant, bright and alien to any conventions. The singer who last fall parted with the father of her daughter, a VJ Glory Nikitin finally regained his happiness. Tanya Tereshina has unveiled new lover

      37-year-old Tatiana spent some beautiful days on the French Riviera, moving from one fashionable resort to another. Company beauty amounted to a nice young man named Tom, whose young age is not that surprised fans Tereshinoy, but forced them to speak on this subject. And some saw in the photo next to Tatiana guy, clearly significantly younger than her, even suggested that it was her son she was for many years concealed from prying eyes.

      However, all gossip Tanya Tereshina just have fun. She admitted that the guy in thirteen years younger than her, and despite the age difference, maybe because of her, she feels incredibly happy woman.

      “It was the most positive experience of my life, because you’re next!” – wrote Tereshina and then ironically suggested that subscribers to discuss exciting them about whether she should pursue a relationship with a young lover and how she looks around him: as a mother or stepmother. Followers Tereshinoy Express a variety of opinions, but most of them think that the main thing that Tatiana was happy, and the rest of conditionality.

      “The younger brother is similar, Tanya older than he looks”, “He like Alphonse, it seems that money Taani tusyat”, “Nikitin better!” “Age is not important at all. Look cool”, “I Have now an affair with a young guy with drive! I was with him very well”, “Be friends with the future mother-in-law”, “my husband difference nine years old, I’m older than. Five years together. We have a beautiful daughter. So be happy!”, – comment on the news about a young knight Tereshinoy her fans.

      It is worth noting that father and daughter Tanya Tereshinoy Slava Nikitin younger singer. He is 29 years old. After parting, they maintained a good relationship for the baby ARIS. The girl lives with her mother, but the Glory is often seen with her. Parents doing everything to ensure that their daughter did not suffer due to the fact that her mom and dad are no longer together.

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