Таня Терешина намерена добиться алиментов от экс-избранника The singer complained on Instagram on his former lover Glory Nikitin. According to Tereshinoy, the presenter seemed to have forgotten about his successor ARIS. Nikitin stopped paying the artist the money for the maintenance of their common daughter. She is going to resolve this issue.

      37-year-old singer and the former soloist of group Hi-Fi Tanya Tereshina single mother with a daughter of ARIS. The father of a beautiful baby girl — the former civil husband of actress, TV presenter Glory Nikitin. They broke up two years after birth into the light. Nikitin pays ex-lover child support, but recently he stopped Tanya allocate money for education ARIS. The singer intends to solve this problem, as posted in his Instagram.

      “My daughter, unfortunately, a year knows that’s an hour a week and all. A great tragedy, but it’s better than a broken child’s mind. There are dads cool, but mostly forgotten, many children, and with the beginning of a new relationship and stop giving money, it is clear and logical. Now I have on the agenda the question of alimony. It’s so horrible… I Never thought that this will concern” — shared Tereshina with your subscribers.

      Followers of Tanya hurried to support her and to share their experiences. “I broke up with her husband when her daughter was a year, and with the new converged when she was two or so, he loves her a hundred times stronger than the native. Find yourself a good husband and dad for small”, “there Are opposite examples, when the mother did not want children. My friend raised two beautiful daughters without a mother”, “the Question of alimony in a judicial order is solved as two fingers about asphalt. So apply the standard suit in the world court for your residence as a minor child lives with you”, “Men love their children as long as like their mother, unfortunately, is a fact,” wrote the subscribers Tereshinoy.

      By the way, recently ex-boyfriend singer shared on Instagram a photograph with a mysterious stranger. “And how did I managed to catch this wonderful pokemon? Caught hold,” wrote Nikitin in your microblog. Leading members decided that this was the new fiancee of Fame. Nikitin himself has not commented on the numerous comments with questions.

      The new darling of Fame Nikitin compared with Tanya Tereshinoy

      As for personal life-Thani Tereshinoy, then, apparently, she also established her. The actress was vacationing on the French Riviera together with a mysterious young man. The singer shared on social networks a photo with the chosen one, where they were sealed in a Bathrobe. However, not all followers of the singer approved of her choice. Some of them thought that beloved Tereshinoy too young for her.