Alexei Chadov lit bar for an anniversary

Алексей Чадов зажег в баре на юбилей The actor celebrated his 35th birthday in a trendy restaurant in the centre of Moscow. To congratulate Chadova came his friends, including Marika Kravtsova, Alexander Revva, Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Pavel Derevyanko and many others. Party Alexei was a success — the guests stayed until late at night.

      2 Sep actor Alexei Chadova 35 years old. Your birthday is a man met in a narrow circle of close friends in the bar of the famous designer Denis Simachev located in the center of Moscow. To congratulate Alexey holiday came Marika Kravtsova, Alexander Revva, Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Pavel Derevyanko and many others.

      “Even double moms out of the house without a wheelchair! Especially when there is a reason. Happy birthday, dear! May the generous life spoils you, and you — we, I’m talking about here is the opportunity to meet together and enjoy your sparkling society. Love you, be happy!”, — Marika Kravtsova wrote in his microblog.

      “The mood is Sunny, as the Moscow weather. Happy birthday, Alex!”, congratulated the birthday boy in his “Instagrame” Pavel Derevyanko.

      “Not had your DR to end what started as a birthday Alesha. But the song is actually not about that! And how photographer Lara succumbed and allowed me to choose the light and filter for this photo. This means that the event was a success at 100%”, — said Nastya Zadorozhnaya with their followers.

      And Alexander Revva performed at the party Chadova songs Arthur Pirozhkov. The audience greeted the hits of resident Comedy Club at cheers, especially strongly they liked to sing along with the singer during the song “Love”. “There is clearly not the birthday of Alexei Chadova, and the night of the birth of an amazing person. A fun night in a close circle,” leave your review on the event, one of the friends birthday.

      By the way, Aleksey Chadov not so long ago returned from a trip to Europe, where he was vacationing with his charming heir Fedor. First, the actor visited Germany, and then went to swim and sunbathe on the shore of the Mediterranean sea. Fans Chadova was touched by how caring he is towards his child.

      Alexei Chadov took his son to Europe

      Recall that Fedor — the son of Chadova and actress Agnes Ditkovskite. The couple broke up in 2015. Gap celebrity was a surprise to their fans. But despite the fact that they are no longer a couple, Alex and Agnes to maintain friendly relations. The stars bring together Fedora and their families are respectful to each other, said Alexey in an interview.