Таня Терешина рассекретила нового возлюбленного The singer showed with whom to spend romantic days on the Riviera. Tanya Tereshina had long kept the suspense by publishing the pictures in company with the mysterious Beau. Fans of the former soloist of group Hi-Fi think she’s too much of a hurry.

      Singer Tanya Tereshina, which does not deny the ability to intrigue and maintain the interest of fans to come, hinted that her personal life after breaking up with Slava Nikitin began to improve.

      The former soloist of group Hi-Fi these days enjoying a vacation on the French Riviera, spending time on the fashionable resorts of the South of France. Tanya has long been given to understand that it is a young man. The photo with the mysterious gentleman began to appear in the microblog star a few days ago. Tereshina was limited to only hints – in the pictures two glasses of champagne, two hands, male and female, so she leaned his head to the satellite, which in the frame you cannot see, that he’s on the beach clung to her Breasts. Tanya is melting from the caresses, and the face of the gentleman in the frame is not visible.

      And finally, the singer decided to show how it looks like her boyfriend. Tereshina in the microblogging published a picture in which she and ardent young man was captured on the balcony of the room in a white Terry robe, as if implying thereby, that the night they spent together.

      “And we have Breakfast” – succinctly stated Tanya Tereshina by calling post a lot of questions from subscribers about the person a nice young man. Many felt that the boy is too young for grown-up Tatiana, who also has a daughter. However, Tereshina has admitted that he prefers men younger than myself and did not see anything wrong.

      “Tanya, who is this? Do not anger the people who loves you”, “good-looking, but for love and life, it is better to look for a man, not a boy”, “You got a man, brutal, macho, and choose young. Even a shame for you,” “I think he or even younger than Nikitin, – discussing the news of the followers of the former soloist of the Hi-Fi.

      However, those who had studied Tereshina, I think that the new guy is just another bullying singer who loves such provocations. Tanya Tereshina angered by the publication of racy photos

      By the way, many fans of Tanya Tereshinoy still have not lost hope that she might reunite with his former civil husband Glory Nikitin. Meanwhile, former beloved are given to understand that maintain relations solely for the sake of his beautiful daughter, ARIS. The girl was left to live with her mother, but Nikitin often deals with the baby and giving it maximum attention.

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