Tamara Semina survived the death of two toddlers

Тамара Семина пережила смерть двух малышей The actress came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Movie stars spoke about how he grew up during the war, about the relationship with his stepfather and how he saved the beloved wife of Vladimir Prokofiev. Also Tamara Petrovna tried to explain to the presenter and the guests of the program, why couldn’t carry twins.
Тамара Семина пережила смерть двух малышей

Tamara Petrovna Semin was born into a military family of Peter Fedorovich Bokhonova, soon his father left the family and went off to fight. At the front he contracted tuberculosis and died.

Mother of the future actress, Tamara was evacuated with two small children, and later moved to relatives in Bryansk, where Tamara went to school.

Semin admitted that her childhood was difficult. Mom was a very beautiful woman, but absolutely could not establish a way of life. Her wooed by many men, but Tamara Vasilievna have refused. In the end, she married a simple driver – Peter V. Semin. This man, according to the actress, completely replaced her father and became her closest friend.

In the Studio of “the Destiny of man” Tamara Petrovna admitted that he always wanted to be an actress. Being a young girl, Semin starred in the film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Resurrection”. In the film she played Katyusha Maslova. Soon Semina has learned the entire Soviet Union.

Married Tamara Petrovna came in 2nd rate film Institute – classmate of Vladimir Nikolayevich Prokofiev. Unlike the famous couple, Prokofiev dubbed movies and starred in them. More than 30 years Vladimir duplicate pictures on Gorky film Studio. In spite of the mutual love and loyalty, the star couple had no children.

“Miscarriage, twins… It was absolutely unbelievable pain. I lost two sons. Go once on the street, and one old woman shouted to me: “Look what your children are angels – good! What do you want? You have the same RH negative, you guys do not survive. Would have been a girl it would be all right,” said Tamara Petrovna in the program.
Тамара Семина пережила смерть двух малышей

Words that whether the fortune-teller, or a clairvoyant turned out to be true: the doctors confirmed the diagnosis. However, the actress did not lose hope that you will still be able to become a mother.

“40 I still wanted children. And then… Everything is fine. Husband reassured. No, no,” Tamara Petrovna.

In the early 90-ies in the family was grief: Vladimir Nikolayevich suffered a stroke, he was paralyzed. Tamara Petrovna devoted himself entirely beloved husband, forgetting about a career.

“He voiced, returned home. Said to me: “let’s Go to the living room, TV view”. I went out for coffee, and he sat on the couch, fell. Stroke. The ambulance arrived, the emergency room. Started my second phase in life – for hospitals Yes, for hospitals,” recalled Semin.

Doctors told the woman that Vladimir wouldn’t live for more than a month – so much deteriorated his health.

“I gave up, never filmed. People found out that I had a mountain”. According to Semina, ordinary people helped her with food and other items. At this time Tamara Petrovna threw herself, she almost stopped eating.

“Only smoked. A Cup of coffee and two cigarettes. Then stopped to sleep. Pretended that fed and healthy to Volodya was not worried,” – said people’s artist of the RSFSR.

Thanks to the caring wife of Vladimir lived a month instead of 15 years.

At the end of the program, Semin turned to him in the past. “You were, are and gonna be great! Be true to yourself and to those around you, never away! Cherish small!” concluded Tamara Petrovna.

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