Светлана Светличная помирилась с сыном The famous actress and her heir resumed communicating. Svetlana Svetlichnaya glad Alex again interested in her life and tries to help than can. The actress is happy that remains constantly in touch with the family of his child and loves spending time with 11-year-old great-grandson.

      Светлана Светличная помирилась с сыном

      According to 76-year-old actress, Alex could not forgive her that after her divorce from his father, Vladimir Ivashov, she remarried. Though marriage with a young artist Sergey Sokolsky and lasted only a month, a few years Svetlana afanasevna’t even call up her son. But they found the strength to build relationships. The son of Svetlana Svetlichnaya explained why not communicate with her

      “We have with Alex now everything is fine – says the “StarHit” Svetlana. – We are now in constant communication. Son is interested in my health, asks what products is not enough in the refrigerator or what I was doing for the day. Often talks about his cases at work. I also share with him the news. Here a few weeks ago was on display at the friend of the fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev. Loved his new collection! Last month, we and Alex went to the grave of his younger brother, and my son Oleg. He helped to remove the mud around the fence. It’s spring, try to spend more time on the street!”
      Светлана Светличная помирилась с сыном

      Svetlana Svetlichnaya is already making plans to hurry to see relatives.

      “I may 15 birthday – continues Svetlichnaya. – On the same day was born, and my brother Oleg. Want to go to visit him to Penza and to celebrate the holiday together. Alex with his wife will not be able to leave loaded at work. But I’m not offended. Know that the son will find a minute to call me. But 11-year-old great-grandson Vladimir I definitely want to take with you. Oleg is a large country house, will be his little grandchildren, Vlad and Lisa. He loves to play with them”.

      It is worth noting that the famous Soviet and Russian actress for a couple of years could not resume intimate fellowship with his older son. The actress said that the relationship with the heir deteriorated after the death of their youngest child. The subject of the quarrel was the division of property, which remained after Oleg. Alex admitted that at any time may contact the mother, but also noted that it often visits.

      “I can at any moment to come to visit her, to talk. But the distance it kills me. When my daughter was in Tver, I found that I go faster to drive than to my mum. Well, it is not in a concentration camp or were prison. Then I’d survive,” Alexei said in a talk show.