Spouse Alexander Nosik spoke about the divorce

Супруга Александра Носика высказалась о разводе The woman shared his point of view on the situation. Olga Nosik did not refute the information about the problems in the relationship with her husband. However, the wife of the artist hopes for his return. According to Olga, they had separated temporarily.

      At the end of March married the actor Alexander Nosik captured in the company of the former soloist of “Tutsi” Nastia kranovoj. During the conversation with reporters the man did not deny that he started Dating a famous singer. He also said to the media, broke up with his wife a few weeks ago. Other details of the Spout, chose to abstain in the belief that we should not attract too much attention to his personal life.

      Alexander Nosik left his wife for former”fabrikantki”

      Recently reporters contacted the lawful wife of the actor Olga, to get her opinion on the current situation. She did not refute the information about the problems in the relationship with her husband. However, women have a very different view of things than Alexander. As the words of Olga, she hopes to be reunited with the artist. Moreover, the beloved star told about the friendship with the ex-member of girl group, which is called a home-wrecker.

      “The media has a very distorted view of our relationship. We are not going to divorce, we’re just temporarily separated, so to speak, to exhale. Moreover, I’m friends with Nastya and I can say that it does not left. Does he even know what he said? He could not say. I swear that it was not his words. We’re a sane, normal people, just continue to work together, just temporarily live separately”, – said the wife of the Spout.

      Previously Anastasia Kraynova, in conversation with the correspondent of “StarHit” for the first time openly spoke about the affair with a famous actor. According to the singer, she met an artist a few months ago. The girl quickly found a common topic of conversation. Nastya also said that can spend hours to talk with Alexander, whom she considers a very smart and educated.

      New girl married Alexander Nosik spoke openly about the affair.

      Despite the employment kranovoj and Nose, they manage to find time for communication. Anastasia told her that she was in constant communication with the actor. As for the possible divorce men, the singer chose not to speak on this subject.

      “Of course, very worried about casinogo breaking up with his wife, but we do not discuss our past relationships. Olga is a lovely girl, I heard the voice of her very good. Sasha and trying to spend more time with each other. However, it is never enough”, – said the singer.

      After reporters learned about the alleged friendly relations Nastya and wife, artist Olga, they tried to contact the artist. However, she chose to abandon the review, as the mother of the actor, reports Sobesednik.ru.