Svetlana Svetikova on childbirth: “it Was long and hard…”

Светлана Светикова о родах: «Было долго и нелегко...»
The singer shared details of the birth of the second child.

Svetlana Svetikova with Alexei Polishchuk and son Milan

Photo: @svetikova_music Instagram Svetlana Svetikovoy

Svetlana Svetikova a few days ago for the second time experienced the joy of motherhood. Star of musicals on the second day after birth was discharged from the hospital. The actress admits that the birth of the second son was given it is not as easy as she would like. However, the birth of little Christian was worth the wait.

“Now I’m home. Was discharged on the second day. Most were worried about the reaction of the elder. He would meet me from the hospital. This amazing adult behavior… He always kisses him and says, “Mom, look what a pretty baby.” I will say that they are incredibly similar, but at the same time different. The younger a lover of milk, so sleeping with the pump. Otherwise you’ll burst. Ah, Yes: she gave birth… long and it was not easy… But herself. For me it’s very important!” — said Svetlana.

Svetlana admits that she wants a while to recover after birth and to be with my baby, so probably will make a small interruption in the use of social networks. “I want peace and quiet!” — says Svetlana.

Recall that Svetikova met with the father of her future children, a skater Alexei Polishchuk at work. Together they participated in the show “big city Lights”. Since then the pair are inseparable: they are even touring together. But, for unknown reasons, to appoint a date for the wedding of Svetlana did not hurry.