Svetlana Razina learned the truth about the father of her daughter

Светлана Разина узнала правду об отце своей дочери The successor of the former soloist of “Mirage” and her ex-husband Valeriy Sokolov passed a DNA test. The man suspected Svetlana Razin infidelity and made her accusations. The singer was unable to answer unambiguously whether Valery actual parent of a 17-year-old Alice.
Светлана Разина узнала правду об отце своей дочери

Svetlana Razin became the guest of the program “actually”, in which he met with the former spouse Valeriy Sokolov. Ex-lover of the singer questioned the fact that the father of their 17-year-old daughter Alice, and forward the claim to the apartment of a star.

“I have suspicions regarding Stas, its concert Director at the time,” said the man. According to resinol, she met with her colleague in 1998. At some point a new friend of the singer began to live with it.

“He came with the Light. Initially he came to our apartment as a Director. At that time we with Svetlana have decided that separating. I reserved the right to stay until then, unless there is a settlement and it will be clear where I live. The fact that we lived together – it loudly, because I rarely been there,” – said Sokolov.
Светлана Разина узнала правду об отце своей дочери

On the question of if she cheated on her husband, Svetlana replied in the affirmative. Presenter Dmitry Shepelev was surprised by the fact that Sokolov is so easy to allow a stranger to live along with his wife. “Well, if it’s not my wife, why… De facto I have resolved this issue. She is a free man, and I too,” – explained Valery.

However, Razin do not agree with the claims of a former lover. “I gave birth to her in marriage…” said the woman, visibly hesitating. The experts had to put pressure on her to get her final answer. As a result, experts said that Razin’s telling the truth, calling Valeria’s father of Alice.

Светлана Разина узнала правду об отце своей дочери

A friend of the singer Valery Lisovskaya also shared his own version of the events that took place in the family of her friend. “I’ve known you for 20 years. You pushed the Light for it. It seems to me that you were not against the lover of the Lights” – addressed to a familiar star to Sokolov.

Then in the Studio of came the current darling of the ex-husband resinol Elena. She said that she continues to communicate with the former spouse – often call him and discuss different issues. In response, the artist has not stinted on negative words against Sokolova and accused her of lying, calling fantazerka. Women who to get along with each other, staged a showdown in the Studio.

“With me he was building a business, and you and he destroyed it. Moreover, why when he is with me, he is calling you and lying in a tube? Says: “I’m in a meeting, on the arrow. Can’t talk right now” – shared Elena.

In turn, Sokolova believes that the singer is jealous of her. Once the current wife Valeria gave birth in America, which, according to Svetlana, costs a lot of money. “You know how to plant, and I have not learned! I coat it gave to the wedding and still believes that he has invested money in me. (…) Let the beats and then work out at concerts!..” – emotionally commented the singer.

Participants in the program were discouraged by the quarrel which broke out in the broadcast transmission. “I understand that your relationship does not need presenter. I see that you do this without me,” said Shepelev.

Razin believes that Sokolov was initiated to encroach on the property, which once lived with her ex-husband. Elena, however, denies such accusations. Now in the apartment, which, according to Svetlana, belonged to her ex-spouse, live Alice and adoptive heir of the artist.

At the end of the program Dmitry Shepelev introduced the characters show with DNA results. Examination showed that Valery Sokolov is not the native father of Alice. “What will you do with this truth?” – asked the presenter.

“I’ll be fine. Go with the world with Svetlana and we’ll be friends then,” said the man.