Mary Maksakova “sent” to show to Dmitry Shepelev

Марию Максакову «отправили» на шоу к Дмитрию Шепелеву The experts considered that the program “really” an Opera diva tells the truth. Mary Maksakova again discussed during the broadcast “Let them talk”. Some believe that the artist is trying to use every opportunity to draw attention to his own concerts.
Марию Максакову «отправили» на шоу к Дмитрию Шепелеву

For a long time do not cease discussion of Opera singer Maria Maksakova. The program “Let them talk” decided to devote the topic of the next program. The editors of the transmission has contacted the artist, who now lives in Ukraine. Some experts believed that she was recruited by the authorities of the neighboring country. The editors of “Let them talk” talk with Maksakova, to learn about its plans. However, the singer decided to keep quiet about his life.

“I would have told you everything, just the SBU that I work with, asked to hold. It only work with the concerts, I could have told you everything, where and when are the concerts, but I beg to withhold,” replied Maria in a conversation with journalists.
Марию Максакову «отправили» на шоу к Дмитрию Шепелеву

Verkhovna Rada Deputy of the fifth-seventh convocation Olena Bondarenko suggested that Maria Maksakova tries as often as possible “flickering” on television and in the press. In her opinion, this makes it in order to assemble a large audience at his concert. “She wants to about her spoke more,” said the woman.

Also showed an excerpt of the conversation with the journalist, in which the artist answered the questions in which she relied solely on the opinion of the deceased husband Denis Boronenkov. Experts in the Studio were divided in their opinions – some believed that Mary said memorized text.

“It is necessary to Shepelevo, he’ll know she’s lying or not lying,” – said the head of public project “security of road traffic” Konstantin Krokhmal.
Марию Максакову «отправили» на шоу к Дмитрию Шепелеву

Experts in the Studio decided that an Opera singer does not have any important information. Some consider it to be a special agent, while others think that she only speaks in his own thoughts.

Also in the program “Let them talk” showed the interview of Maria Maksakova, in which she talked about the two children, whom she left after moving to Kiev, together with Denis by Voronenkova. Ilia and Luda was born in a civil marriage with the Opera singer Vladimir Tyurin, who is considered a criminal authority.

Марию Максакову «отправили» на шоу к Дмитрию Шепелеву“Occasionally call me Ilya. I prefer that he scored, when there is one. With Lucy there is a different story. Was the woman who I replaced almost all the relatives in 17 years. When was born Lucy, I know I need to travel a lot, earn money, no one to help me. So it was not so much linked as Ilya, so Lucy didn’t feel that I’m leaving. There they are in close company live – said Maksakova. They are not so small these kids are, the kids will be 13, but my little baby nobody can help. I think, in the first place, and may, in General, only about him.”