Светлана Лобода рассказала о череде неудачных романов The singer is not wrong in his personal life. Svetlana Loboda met a businessman who became its Director and brought to the depression. The relationship of the stars with the choreographer also did not happen.

      Svetlana Loboda became famous thanks to the participation in the trio “VIA Gra”. Sexy girl with a sensual voice suddenly became the object of adoration of millions. However, her personal life is not like a fairy tale. On the contrary, on the way she met men who were not able to make her happy.

      Now Loboda officially not Dating anyone. Star is in search of a suitable man who will be her support and protection, and will also take the daughter of actress five-year-old me, was really exciting.

      “The only thing I do not yet have, is a worthy man, to whom I bore a son. Everyone thinks around artists and spinning suitors. But if you want to succeed, you need to work full time, and is not satisfied with strong men. A very difficult question: how to connect two major aspects of life? Have not yet found the answer. But I believe fate will smile to me,” says Loboda.

      I wonder what about the father of her daughter, whom she broke up not so long ago, the star responds with warmth. Despite the breakup, the singer shows women’s wisdom and continues to communicate with the choreographer Andrew, who, in turn, sensitive and attentive to his successor.

      “I am familiar with situations where women have attempted to keep the family together for the sake of the child, but in the end was miserable. I also have examples when the parents did not save something that is already impossible to save, so I broke up and remained in good relations with each other. However, their children grew up self-sufficient people, which brought the happy parents, albeit living in different families. Eva is growing in love is the most important,” says the star.

      It should be noted that to Andrew Svetlana also had relationships that didn’t work out. An affair with businessman Alexander not only ended for the stars debacle, but also caused severe depression. The man began to help his lover and became her concert Manager. However, instead of success, the artist was disappointed.

      “Once there was a terrible moment: I night need to go on stage, but singing I can’t, because in the morning brought a summons from the court in which it was reported that I have no rights on what I wrote repertoire for the name. Began the threats and wiggery… I Have had problems with the bandits: men with broken ears threatened to take to the woods, and Sasha begged me to come back supposedly for good… Thank God, friends helped to get out of this nightmare,” – says the singer in an interview with “TV Program”.