Фото раздетой Алексы взорвало Сеть The graduate of “factory of stars” has surprised followers of his microblog. A girl posted a picture in which she appears in a bikini. Many noted that she had an excellent figure, which is the envy. While fans of the singer pointed to the fact that she’s made a remarkable recovery, because before her thinness has caused concern.

      Despite the fact that since the release of “star Factory-4”, where once shone the sweet singer Alex, it’s been 12 years, over the life of a girl watching thousands of fans. However, year after year, the young artist becomes more and more closed family photos, photos with close friends and with the beloved man it is almost not divided, so her loyal fans can only guess what is really going on in her life. For a long time appearance of the graduate of the popular music project has caused concern among followers of her microblog – it seemed to many that she is extremely thin, and probably has health problems. Assumptions users of the social networking itself Alex did not comment, but only recently managed to convince them otherwise only one photo.

      Alex remembered the horrific details of life on “star Factory”

      The singer posted a picture where she appears in a luxurious bikini, emphasizing the dignity of all shapes and seductive curves of her body. Those who had previously stated about the painful thinness of a young artist in one moment changed their point of view. Many acknowledged that Alex now looks great, and, apparently, she managed a bit better.

      “Gradually begin to return to their favorite form of… Work still very much! But each girl a pleasure to watch his reflection in the mirror only when it doesn’t cease to please! It is not necessary to sit on diets, just exercise a little more, and your body will thank you!” – this message was accompanied by Alex candid photos.

      The publication of the girl has caused a real excitement among its subscribers. Many have taken to leave your feedback in the comments explaining why they admire her. Some even noted that she’s made a remarkable recovery, and her Breasts increased. In one moment a photo of Alexa in swimsuit, gathered more than 10 thousand likes. The singer is not so often pleases the users of the social network’s more risqué pictures. More often visit her microblog, you can find numerous selfie shots of the gym and changing rooms.