Светлана Лобода показала просторный особняк The artist invited a film crew of the program “Let them talk” in Kiev. Svetlana Loboda almost five years of living in the house with his family – daughter and me, was really exciting mom Natalia Vasilievna.

      Светлана Лобода показала просторный особняк

      The singer Svetlana Loboda became the heroine of the program Andrey Malakhov “Let them talk”. The artist remembered his difficult creative path that began with participation in the group “VIA Gra” in 2004. However, after some time, Svetlana decided to sing solo, and therefore was forced to leave the team. Now songs celebrities occupy the top ranks of various music charts, and the artist is one of the main sex symbols on the stage.

      Despite the fact that Svetlana Loboda excites the imagination of many men, yet the heart of the artist free. She independently brings up the daughter, me, was really exciting and thanks her mom who helps her look after the child. The shooting team “Let them talk” it showed a house in Kiev, where, together with his native people.

      “Here we live for about five years. When you come here, you see a huge space, high ceilings, a large chandelier, which initially frightened me. Sometimes when we sit down to talk, I shift to another place”, – said Svetlana.
      Светлана Лобода показала просторный особняк

      The actress also showed a large dressing room, which holds its concert costumes, including dress, in which she represented Ukraine at “Eurovision” in 2009. With this period Svetlana associated with both sad and happy memories.

      Светлана Лобода показала просторный особняк

      Shortly before his participation in the Eurovision song contest, which took place in Moscow, Loboda broke up with her lover Alexander Shirkov. According to her, the man couldn’t bear the thought of leaving, and therefore tried by all means to keep the singer and sent the bandits to intimidate.

      “I said that we disagree, otherwise can not be. It ended the bandits, who came to see me, men with broken ears, and demanded I calmed down, crossed my car,” admitted Loboda.

      The actress said that the assistance came to her very suddenly – from Lolita the site. According to Loboda, the actress called her before the “Eurovision” to meet in person. Women became friends, and after Svetlana told about the problems with Alexander, Lolita are unable to stay away.

      “I called him up and said, “you Know, you got float, I’ll come alone, you can take a hundred men”. I don’t know, maybe he thought that crazy can do anything, but then became softer,” recalled Palladium.
      Светлана Лобода показала просторный особняк

      Also on “the Eurovision” Svetlana began an affair with the choreographer Andrew King. Later they had a daughter Evangelina. However, to the altar couple never came, and after a while the lovers parted. Svetlana Loboda on divorce: “When the daughter grows up, I will be able to explain it to her”

      “At some point we talked and realized that it is not ready, but because it was too late,” he met Svetlana.