Евгений Чичваркин женился во второй раз The eccentric entrepreneur has legalized relationship with his beloved woman. Wife of Yevgeny Chichvarkin became his colleague Tatiana Fokina. The wedding ceremony was held in the UK. Happy couple receiving congratulations from relatives and friends.

      Евгений Чичваркин женился во второй раз

      42-year-old co-founder of “Euroset” Evgeny Chichvarkin intrigued subscribers joint photo with a charming girl. In the picture, which the entrepreneur shared in his microblog, he is posing with well-dressed beauty. And he Chichvarkin tried the elegant suit with a tie. Apparently, the eccentric businessman has decided to legalize the relationship with his beloved. This he hinted in his post.

      Evgeny Chichvarkin presented to the friends of the young chosen one

      “Between the first and second pereryvchik small,” wrote the entrepreneur in social networks.
      Евгений Чичваркин женился во второй раз

      Fans Chichvarkin began to congratulate him on the wedding. “Kiss!”, “Happiness to you”, “Hooray! I wish you understanding, love and kids”, “come on, can’t be”, “good Luck”, “Good”, “Salvador Dali and his Gala”, “Long years together! We will wait for the little heirs of dad’s charisma, will, and mind as well as my mother’s beauty”, “they Say that a second marriage is the triumph of hope over common sense… the Final victory and happiness!”, “Tenderness and understanding” was discussed by users of social networks.

      Publishing entrepreneur repostnul chief editor of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov. The man congratulated the entrepreneur with the change of marital status. “Evgeny Chichvarkin with enslavement!” – said Venediktov in his microblog.

      About the choice of the businessman knows that her name is Tatiana Fokina. According to journalists, she is the CEO of a liquor store owned by Yevgeny Chichvarkin. Familiar men told reporters that he first noticed the girl as a professional, and after some time fell in love with her.

      In August last year, Chichvarkin introduced the bride with friends, it happened at a party in Jurmala. Then Eugene will not step away from his lady. All guests of the evening was immediately clear that the entrepreneur is very serious. “I have long wanted to get acquainted with Eugene Chichvarkin – creative, bold, creative – and voila! He and his girlfriend Tanya (by the way, she, like me, from Petersburg) – intelligent and funny, and pretty damn well versed in wine” shared a friend of one of the founders of the “Quartet And” Olga Ryzhkova.

      Recall that the marriage with Tatiana Fokina was for Yevgeny Chichvarkin second. Earlier the man was in a serious relationship with a woman named Antonina. The ex-couple have two children – Yaroslav Mar and. However, according to some, Chichvarkin divorced last spring.

      Евгений Чичваркин женился во второй раз