Светлану Лободу поздравляют со второй беременностью
Fans of the singer believe that the star is expecting a child.

Svetlana Loboda

Photo: Instagram

Svetlana Loboda photos
done a lot of noise. “How to tell if a woman
satisfied?” intrigued the singer. Fans have shown rare unanimity. Seeing Svetlana
a small tummy, they confidently replied: “When you’re pregnant. Wait for the second
child. Are you in a position! Congratulations!” Similar comments singer left unattended, however
soon shared a video, where he posed in a slinky dress without any
no hint of even early pregnancy.

It is worth noting that the fans of the stars often
wishful thinking. The other day in an interesting position
suspected and Xenia Borodin. Fans of “House-2” had time not only to discuss the term
which is the star, but also to talk about the alleged field of the future
baby and even come up with his name. All comments left on personal
page, the TV is left unattended.

Nikita Presnyakov, on the contrary, was deeply angered when
Internet users congratulated on the pregnancy of his bride, Alain Krasnov. “Tummy
it is already visible! — wrote one of the fans Presnyakov. — I wish you happiness!” “You
first get a hundred percent, and then his confident predictions write
OK?” — immediately laid siege to her artist, and later added that if Alan and
position, it is only “in the minds of subscribers.”