Игорь Николаев рассказал, как живет его дочь в Америке
The composer remembered how he became a father at 18.

The age difference between the youngest daughter of Igor Nikolaev
Veronica and the elder — Julia — 37 years. What is it like to be a father
eight month old babies and independent young woman, composer
told in exclusive interview to magazine “7 Days”.

“First of all the daughters — though both are similar
for me, they’re different, unique, — considers Nikolaev. — And my attitude to them
equally awesome, both of you I tremble… When Julia was born, I was 18 years old,
a very young kid. But then I felt an overwhelming desire to run home
after work I did not need any company, parties. I wanted to hurry to see small, out
walk her in the yard. And now experiencing the same acute paternal
feeling. Another difference is that, when Julia was growing up, my parents had so much
fears. Now there are dangers of which we never heard! And in
my age think more about the future. We all are not eternal. And when
imagine what would happen with the youngest daughter, twenty years later, it is added
+20 itself. The question arises: bring youngest to the age of reason?
After all, age is not necessarily of 18. Julia, for example, became
independent only this year.

She lives in America and only now finished a long
training at the University and licensed hospital pharmacist. For this
specialty need to study for many years, because the work is very demanding:
control diagnoses, prescriptions, treatments. But if you still
learned, this profession gives a sense of confidence, a stunning state
guarantees, insurance, the possibility of lending. Thank God that got older
daughter to an independent stage now and without me she’ll be fine. And
what I can do for Veronica — no one knows, and because of this I’m worried.
I hope the Lord’ll take me a long time…”

Full version exclusive interview of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova read here.