Светлана Иванова рассказала о своей беременности
“I want more now “do life” not as much as before, to give himself to the work” — admitted the actress.

Svetlana Ivanova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Svetlana Ivanova said that he was very surprised at the unexpected interest of colleagues to her personal life.

“You know, recently in the theater was a strange period, when suddenly everything began to ask those directly who hints, if I’m not pregnant — shared the actress. — I have such an interest seemed odd. But I even to Galina Borisovne Volchek had to go and say that I’m not in the position. Although I these things do not hide and, if anything, he said at once”.

Svetlana confessed that now she changed her attitude to life.

“Having (the actress is raising 5-year-old daughter Pauline. — Approx. ed), I dove into work after two months. I had no options. It was necessary to come to the “Legend № 17”, to be “Contemporary”, where I waited for Galina Borisovna Volchek in “Three comrades”… I could not let people down. Still in the “contemporary” I remember that the first time Pauline was in the theatre I brought when she was two weeks… But I get the child now. And if you have any more children, I have already immediately start working”.

Now Ivanov is going to go to St. Petersburg for the filming of the continuation of the series “pregnancy Test”.

“Fortunately, the trip will not take eight months like last time. — says the actress. — I am very happy. After all, Pauline got older, and she in Moscow clubs, classes. And I have a life, and I want more now “do life” not as much as before, to give himself to the work.”

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