VIDEO: star of the TV series “Hotel Eleon” told about the brutal beating

ВИДЕО: звезда сериала «Отель Элеон» рассказала о жестоком избиении
Elena Ksenofontova admitted that not once was subjected to domestic violence.

Elena Ksenofontova openly talked about domestic violence, which, as it turned out, were a big part of my life. Star of TV series “Kitchen” and “Hotel Eleon” admitted that he grew up in a family where the father abused his wife and children. After watching in my entire life, for a beating, the day of her 16th birthday, Edward vowed that he will never allow any man to abuse her or her children.

Elena Ksenofontova with children

Photo: @MSimdyankina Facebook

Growing up, Elena had twice visited married. With the first husband Igor Lipatov she lived for 11 years. Then there was a short — lived marriage to producer by Ilya Neretin, which the actress had a son Timothy. Now she is in a civil marriage with a lawyer — Alexander, who in 2011 gave their daughter Sophia. For some reason the couple was in no hurry to formalize their relationship.

Unfortunately, many years later, after the beatings of his father, Elena had to deal with domestic violence. As it turned out, her third husband some time ago, according to the actress, tried to strangle her. Cause a family scandal was a carve-up of the property. It was said that shortly before the incident, she put Alexander before the fact: they need to leave. However, to move out of one apartment of the pair is not going to. This was the reason for the attack, which told Elena in the program “Time will tell”.