Светлана Иванова стремительно похудела после вторых родов The actress is in great shape and already lead an active lifestyle. Actress Svetlana Ivanova shared a photo taken on the Playground, which clearly shows that her figure looks the same way it was before the second pregnancy.
Светлана Иванова стремительно похудела после вторых родов

Actress Svetlana Ivanova a few months ago, I went to Israel. The young woman was expecting her second child. That the star of the series “pregnancy Test” has finally become a mother twice she hinted to his followers on Instagram, post a photo and signing: “the Children sleep, the mother in happiness.” This post first appeared on 4 may.

After less than ten her artist showed her figure. 32-year-old Ivanov is in great shape.

“It behaves as a mother of two children on the Playground, so…” – signed photo of Svetlana.

Internet users were delighted from the photos, noting how quickly the figure of the actress came back to normal. Some of them again asked the sex of the baby and where it made the frame. But Svetlana, thanking everyone for their attention, yet not telling who she had: a girl or a boy.

“Good as gone tummy!” “How wonderful to be a mother of two children and have the ability so to behave on the Playground”, “Congratulations! You really sympathize with tummy time! Envy,” wrote Svetlana fans.

Svetlana used to hide his personal life. Still not cease talking about that when she started Dating Him Fayzieva, he was still officially married to someone else. However, actress and producer for a long time did not advertise their relationship. Even when they were caught by paparazzi, both continued to remain silent. Only three years ago Janik and Svetlana appeared together the audience and said officially: “Yes, we are together.”

They met in 2011 while shooting the film “August. Eighth,” in which he was producer and Director and she played a major role. In 2012, Ivanov gave birth to a daughter Polina, the girl’s father called Fayzieva.