Светлана Дружинина поведала о ссорах с мужем The cameraman and the actress are married for over 55 years, but the conflicts in their family happens anyway. Svetlana Druzhinin has told how she met her future husband and also revealed the reasons for the conflict chosen.
Светлана Дружинина поведала о ссорах с мужем

In 2014 the program “a Perfect repair” has worked with Svetlana Druzhinina: then the experts of the project have transformed a few rooms in the house of the Director. Now the reconstruction touched the garden at the cottage stars of the Soviet cinema. The Creator of the film “Gardemariny, vpered” admitted that she has no time to dig in the garden and bring it in.

“The country we built with his own hands with her husband, helped the fans who sent the materials and plants”, says Druzhinina.

The program is “Perfect repair” has decided to recreate in the area a real Italian patio, simultaneously transforming and terrace. The Svetlana Druzhina, which is not used to spread about his personal life, told about the acquaintance with her husband.

“It all started with sports. I’m a sophomore was captain of the volleyball team. He was also involved in volleyball, then came to our Institute on the first course. It took a lot of pictures, and I was his favorite model”, – says the Director.

Despite the fact that Svetlana Druzhinina and Anatoly Mukasey have been together for more than 55 years, quarrels in the family do occur. However, the Director and her faithful companion can quickly overcome all the emerging conflicts.

“We are creative people, so live and fight like creatively. We have been together for 50 years, but there is no feeling of the greatness of the time. It has passed so quickly”, – says Anatoly Mukasey.

According to the Director, she never wanted to be an actress, but due to severe injuries are unable to build a career ballerina. However, the star of Soviet cinema did not regret that stood on the other side of the camera. Now she is preparing to release the fourth part of the “Cadets”, which will be Dmitry Kharatyan.

The results of the repair of a garden plot struck Svetlana Druzhinin. On the terrace, the designers have placed a huge mural with a view of Milan, which complements the atmosphere of the Italian patio. Paths in the garden were lined with decorative tile that mimics natural stone, but the main highlight of the design were rare plants, planted around the area.