Потерявший сына Андрей Разин вновь стал отцом Producer christened baby, named in honor of his deceased heir. Andrei Razin told about an important event in life. Friends orphaned men asked him to be godfather to a little boy named Sasha.

In the life of a producer “Tender may” Andrey Razin has occurred, perhaps, the first happy event since the incident in March this year of the tragedy. Andrei Razin has regained son Sasha. The musician became the godfather of the baby of their friends. Young parents named their child in honor of a deceased son of Andrei Razin.

About the beautiful event producer said in his microblog, posting touching photos taken in the Church during the sacrament. Them Andrei Razin with tenderness and the thrill of holding a little Sashenka.

“After my son Sasha are my close friends named their son Sasha. I gladly became the godfather of Sasha. Thanks Tanechka for this decision,” – wrote in the microblog Andrei Razin.

Fans of the Creator of the group “Tender may” immediately began to congratulate him on this occasion, expressing the belief that the best cross of the Pope, than Andrei Razin is not found. “Andrew, it’s wonderful! Godfather son Sasha!”, “That’s very sweet. Now you have a godfather son Sasha. God bless the kid”, “Congratulations, Andrew, you now have another person you have to care” – such comments leave in the microblog Razin its subscribers.

Thanked the producer for agreeing to be the godfather of her son and the boy’s mother. “My son Sasha is very lucky to have such a dad and godfather! Thank you, our dear Andrey! Love you!” – the woman wrote in the comments.

We will remind that Andrey Razin lost his son on March 10, 2017. 16-year-old Alexander suddenly felt ill while walking with his girlfriend. Passers-by rushed to his aid. Among them was the doctor who tried to start the boy’s heart. In a few minutes drove the ambulance, and the boy was hospitalized. In the hospital child producer brought in a state of clinical death. The doctors were unable to save his life. The teenager was buried on March 14 at the cemetery Troekurov. Made later examination showed that the cause of cardiac arrest in 16-year-old boy was the complication caused by acute respiratory illness. Andrey Razin has discovered the truth about sudden death of son

Andrei Razin intends to create a Museum named after his son. There will be exhibited the work of Alexander, who was very good at drawing. His last work was a painting entitled “London”.