Сюрприз: Эмили Ратажковски вышла замуж!
Fans of the model are puzzled by the sudden decision model.

Emily Ratzkowski

Photo: @emrata Instagram Emily Ratzkowski

Fans of the 26-year-old model Emily Ratzkowski was
amazed by the unexpected news model became a married lady! And this despite the fact that
about her new boyfriend all found out a few weeks ago, and the novel began
not more than 2 months ago…

“I have a surprise for you!” — signed
Emily under your new photo (with a lovely dog), which she
shared with the fans. “So…” began Ratzkowski his story about
significant event, accompanied by this intriguing beginning frame in which it
captured with two witnesses of the wedding. “I got married today!” — continued
it’s the for which the model posed with her new husband —
actor and producer Sebastian Bear-Maledom.

This message
really was a big surprise. After all, last month was wondering
what Emily considered to be one of the most successful models, meets with Jeff Majid, a novel which had started almost 4
years ago. As for the new husband models it for the first time
saw only in December 2017 at the basketball game. Moreover, at the time
nobody knew what kind of relationship him and Emily. All thought
this is her accidental companion. However, in
January of this year Ratzkowski announced that broke up with Majid. And on the Day
Lovers Emily photographed kissing
Sebastian. So, everyone knew that the Bear Mallard her new boyfriend. However, no one expected the model
hasty marry her new boyfriend married….