Victoria Bonia opened details the betrayal of Dmitri Tarasov

Виктория Боня открыла подробности измены Дмитрия Тарасова
TV star commented on the behavior of the player.

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

About a week ago there were reports that Dmitry Tarasov has had in the Metropolitan nightclub attentions Christine Belokopytova, the finalist of show “Brats”. In the absence of his wife — Anastasia Kostenko he allegedly hit on a blonde. About the relationship of the player with a possible “mistress” told Victoria Bonia.

In social networks Victoria said with confidence that Dmitry is not faithful to his wife. “Dmitry Tarasov was unfaithful to his wife. Why? It’s in mens nature, it is normal for them, for us — no. So they are arranged. Yes, he has been on a spree, changed… All know about it. What to do about his pregnant wife? Nothing. To accept the fact that she found a man and all. That’s all she can not do!” said Bonia.

Whether Victoria shared information from insiders, whether guided by rumors… the fact that neither Dimitri nor his wife, nor even Christina did not confirm the fact of treason. After Dmitry was spotted in the club with the blonde he began to suspect that he was “on a spree” from the wife. This information existed at the level of speculation of fans. Now they’re talking about, can we consider the recognition of Victoria confirmation of the rumors about the affair with the player Belokopytova or not?

Recall that Tarasov and Kostenko sealed their Union in heaven. In January the pair were married in one of the capital’s temples, inviting celebration of our closest friends. Dmitry told me that he had decided on this step, because I am sure that the marriage with Anastasia will bring him long awaited happiness.