Сюрприз: Анджелина Джоли и Брэд Питт примирились
What made the stars come to a joint decision?

Brad pitt and angelina Jolie Angelina

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Friends and fans of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt who for the last few
months led a desperate struggle for custody of the children during your divorce
surprised and delighted by the unexpected news. As it became known, divorcing
spouses unexpectedly failed to reach an agreement. This was announced by the Internet site people.com .

This news was
a big surprise, because until recently “fighting” between them there was
in full swing. Jolie, with the help of his team of lawyers did everything to
to discredit your spouse in the eyes of the public. And pitt accused her of that
she uses children as a weapon against him, and causes direct damage to the interests of their

And now pitt and Jolie suddenly has published
the joint statement, which says: they both signed the contract, according to
which from now on will act in a “United front” in the interests of their
children! To protect their interests, they
agreed to classify all further information about your divorce and to speed it up
completion. Thus, all the documents that they sign in the course of judicial
the process will be closed to outsiders. So the press, probably not
know what ended their divorce. Unless, of course, will not happen
any unexpected leak of information.

Why Angelina
and brad has taken such measures only now, nearly four months
after the announcement of the decision to divorce remains a mystery. On this account
we can only speculate.

According to reporters
some foreign media, including Internet publications hollywoodlife.com spouses were forced to take this step, so feared possible
disclosure of incriminating evidence, which both have on each other. At pitt, as
say, there are records of conversations with the therapist, in which we are talking about
mentally unstable behavior of Angelina. But Jolie, in turn, threatened
tell all about how pitt is supposedly bad
treated children for a long time abused alcohol. To a certain
the moment, none of them believed that these threats, in fact, can be
executed. But pitt when stored for a long time silence, he openly
to speak out against Jolie, she and her team had fears that he might
to go further. And Angelina chose to conclude with brad…