Моника Беллуччи рассказала о табу в своей профессии
In an exclusive interview with the actress admitted that it may have scared her on the set.

Моника Беллуччи рассказала о табу в своей профессии

Monica Bellucci

Photo: Legion-media

With Emir Kusturica in the movie “the milky Way”

Photo: Legion-media

Soon the car will be a new film of Emir Kusturica ”
The milky Way”, the main role in the drama was played by Monica Bellucci. Actress
spent several years filming in Serbia. She played a refugee-Italian,
during the Bosnian war hiding from a former lover, tries
to start a new life, and unexpectedly falls in love with the milkman (this role is played itself

“Work on the film lasted three years, all this time I
every summer for a few months came to Serbia and with the sadness came back
back home, after all, the Emir is very welcoming and able to create a comfortable
the situation at the site. However, at some point, it turned out great
crafty. Initially, the Emir told me that I would have a few words, but then
I had to learn the Serbian language to say what he invented
for my heroine. But all Kusturica, he always gushes ideas
can arrange a holiday at any time,” says Monica Bellucci.

All Kusturica movies features a special style. ”
Milky Way” — a very beautiful story about love, despite the fact that the events
happen during the war. Surprisingly, the scene location, characters Bellucci and
Kusturica filmed very nicely, though the actress does not hide that is ready to brave
experimentation in the profession. “Surely you’ve seen my erotic shooting for
logs or, for example, the film “Irreversible” rape scene my
heroine lasted nine minutes, during which the hall went out
even cynical critics. Of course, there are things that I never
will do as an actress. For example, a real sex scene. But in this case I
I liked how delicately the Emir thought through the scene of our reach. It was very
like the view that I saw him in the Elevator the first time
meeting. It is very important that the man who should appear in the frame along with
you in a candid scene, think first about how to protect the woman.
Emir is the ideal partner and a Director who understood how to cover from
view those parts of my body that I wouldn’t want to show,” —
thankful to the Director Monica.

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