Всплыли новые детали скандального прошлого Эмбер Херд The actress many years ago was in a relationship with artist Tasya van REE. According to the American tabloids, amber once swiped the girl. The conflict helped to resolve them, the police came to the rescue.

      Всплыли новые детали скандального прошлого Эмбер Херд

      The scandal of the divorce amber heard and Depp gopi continues to gain momentum. Initially, the actress wished to break off relations with the star of “pirates of Corbicula sea” due to the fact that he has repeatedly raised her hand. The girl told the court that the favorite beat her, and dragged by the hair. According to the actress, most often during fights, Depp was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Amber heard showed signs of beating husband. PHOTO

      On the eve of the foreign tabloids found out that amber also once became the initiator of physical abuse. In 2009, the star of the film “the Rum diary” had an affair with artist Tasya van Dee. This girl suffered sudden aggression heard.

      Mistress have a fight at the airport in Seattle. Amber couldn’t cope with the emotions and hit the hand of his beloved. The artist did not expect such act from lady, so she immediately called the police. Police warned her that such behavior is unacceptable, but to make a case about violence did not.

      Journalists believe that such a detail from the past, amber can change the course of divorce proceedings Depp and heard. The court will understand which of the pair showed aggression and provoked the fight in their family.

      Recall that by filing a petition for divorce, the actress pointed out as the cause of irreconcilable differences that have destroyed their marriage. Amber demanded that Depp was forcibly sent on a course on anger management. However, the court did not satisfy this requirement of the actress. The second meeting of jury will take place on 17 June.

      According to friends Depp and amber, actors differ violent temper. “They are both temperamental and capricious nature with his own opinion on any issue,” said people from the environment of the pair. – Views do not often coincide, and people with strong characters it is always hard to admit wrong or to take the first step towards reconciliation. Worse yet, johnny and amber are stubborn and have a tendency to dramatize”.

      Scandalous divorce johnny Depp and amber heard: what really triggered it

      According to some sources, the actress make the decision to rasstojanii marriage, as the wife perinola to his partner in the film, MIA Wasikowska, who starred with him in the film “Alice in Wonderland”.

      “Look amber, her husband graciously took too blatant adoration for MIA, sources say some of the cast. – Amber felt that MIA fell in love with their idol, and accused johnny that he allowed the relationship with my partner to go beyond the boundaries of father-child. In response, johnny called her a jealous monkey”.

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