Подписчики аккаунта Яны Рудковской раскритиковали ее большие ноги

Couch critic Network are often merciless. Previously Express their valuable opinion about appearance Anastasia Volochkova, in particular about her feet, now users took Yana Rudkovskaya.

A few days ago, the producer of Dima Bilan made on his page in the Instagram post that has attracted the attention of hundreds of subscribers.

The picture depicts itself Rudkovskaya. Yana sits on a large pouf at the bouquet of flowers. Seemingly harmless shot, but no! Followers women drew attention to her legs and began to criticize them, calling them almost feet of hobbit Bilbo Baggins.

“What’s that Yana has on his feet? the band-AIDS? bone? the bumps stick out? not a ballerina Volochkova’s not that such a monstrosity was… ahhh studs! exactly! it is there all the time on the heel that results. hid b then if and, what’s with the leg???”, “Heels are felt, the bones in the feet, fingers… phew, better not to take pictures…”, “Silicone pads for curves and skinny legs”, “ogogo Flippers” — it is told in the most modest comments.

Such statements Rudkovskaya chose to leave unanswered.

As you think whether the right were the followers of Jana so tactless expressing his opinion about her feet?