Ethan hawke and noomi Rapace will experience Stockholm syndrome

Итан Хоук и Нуми Рапас испытают стокгольмский синдром

Ethan hawke (“Boyhood”) and noomi Rapace (“the girl with the dragon tattoo”) has a chance to play together. The actors meet on the set of a new project by the canadian Director Robert Boudreau called “Stockholm”.

The film is based on real events of 1973. Then a wanted criminal Jan-Erik Olsson single-handedly captured one of the banks of Stockholm, taking in hostages of four employees of the companies. A few days defused and the hostages were released, however, the captives of the Olsson all of a sudden violently stood up for him and his alleged accomplice, condemning the actions of the police.

Later the actions of the hostages psychiatrists dubbed the term “Stockholm syndrome” and tried to understand why people who could suffer at the hands of a criminal, rose to his defense.

The film is expected to start in April 2017. Date of the premiere of “Stockholm” has not yet been determined.