Sting refused to wear a hearing aid

Стинг отказался носить слуховой аппарат

The popular British performer sting, it turns out, is almost deaf, but the musician refuses to wear a hearing aid, citing the fact that “so many have heard what it would be better not to hear.

65-year-old music legend recently announced that for some time is “completely deaf”, but the use of a hearing aid did not improve the quality of life, but just the opposite.
“I tried to wear a hearing aid, but I’ve heard more than necessary. People talk so much d..mA,” said sting in a live show, Artists Confidential.
Recall that the new album will be called “57th & 9th” is the route of sting in new York, which he daily runs from home to the Studio . The Briton, a native of London, without memory in love with new York, its noise and frantic pace.
“Here you can write a song in one breath, just overheard a phone conversation on the street. The energy of new York gave for my album rhythm and tempo,” he said.
Will present their new album sting in the Paris Bataclan – the one where last year at the hands of terrorists killed so many people. Therefore the musician wants to “honor the dead and celebrate life and music, the victory over fear.”