Стивен Спилберг устал от издевательств своих детей
The recognition of the great Director who was able to teach the suckers a good lesson.

Стивен Спилберг устал от издевательств своих детей

Steven Spielberg

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In the just-released tale of Steven Spielberg and the Walt Disney company “Big friendly giant” makes a world of a lonely little girl. In an exclusive interview with “7 Days” Director admitted that the theme of loneliness is not accidental in his work. As it turned out, his childhood and youth he was
terribly alone. “Our family were always moving from place to place. We thought
strangers, because we didn’t go to Church on Sundays, and on Fridays
went to the synagogue. The neighborhood boys I was bullied. So it was in
school and in College. The only thing that has always saved me from the sad thoughts
— my imagination,” says Spielberg.

At age 7 he began to look at fairy tales from the Walt
Disney and forever love, 8 years old has mastered a film camera. And when I started to work in the film industry as an adult, were so excited that even threw the University of California: the shootings took all the time.

And suddenly many years later, already hoary with age, Spielberg returned to the University,
recovered, survived and was still a bachelor of arts degree. On the question of
why him, repeatedly awarded the highest awards, it
needed, he admitted: “I did it for their children. Each time to
to justify their laziness, they said, “Look at dad, he never
graduated!” or “See dad? He became a famous Director and never studied!”.
I’m tired of the bullying. And to end them, enrolled in the same
the University, which once thrown, and graduated. For an instructive example
for their children. I have always had great respect for learning. Not that I
believed that education can generate income. By themselves, the knowledge is not
success or material prosperity. But educated people differently
perceive the world around us. If you want as wider and more colorful. So I
have taught a good lesson to their children. The house I’m the boss, no one above me don’t
laughs, and all my children received an excellent education.”

Exclusive interview with Steven Spielberg, written on the eve of the release of “Big friendly giant”, please click here.

a scene from the movie “Big friendly giant”

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