Ани Лорак чуть не потеряла мужа
The singer told about serious family crisis.

Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchajian with daughter Sophia

Photo: Igor Kharitonov

To be the husband of the famous singer is not an easy burden. However, the beginning of
the love story of Ani Lorak and her husband Murad were no signs of any serious
problems, no doubt in each other. They met at a resort in Turkey. It
arrived there after the failure of the national selection “Eurovision” in 2005
year. He was the Manager of the hotel, where was held the evening in her honor. “All
decided for seconds — says Ani Lorak. We met eyes, and
between the two of us pass some kind of electric current”.

it is not always about love Ani and Murat press wrote favorably. Many have tried
“prick.” Murat, who for the sake of Ani began to teach Russian language, carefully translated all of these notes on the Internet and was upset: why are they so
we are treated? For the sake of his beloved, he gave up everything, moved to a foreign country and in that moment decided how
it is better to arrange family life: Murat used to make good money and would never allow himself
depend on wife. “Do not you read anything!” — asked Ani.

However, these notes were the reason for a serious family quarrel,
which threatened the existence of the family. “Sometimes, in the morning I went and
the next morning came because I removed the clip. I had the tour for
tour — 20 cities. Murat asked: “where are You?” — I’m in the same city,
day after tomorrow — in the other, then come to Kiev, but I immediately shoot. It all
once the talk, let’s talk to you later” — continues to tell Ani.
In the end, he exploded: “Where in your chart window for me? Maybe
I do not need? Do you still remember that I exist?” That’s when singer
really was scared: “I really could be losing a loved one. So
happens: life covers you wave, run, run, nothing around
notice it, and then look around, what you wanted?”

that helped to save the family of the singer, in an interview with Ani Lorak in the latest issue
the magazine “7 Days”. Now!

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