Стеша Маликова не стесняется говорить с папой о сексе The successor of the popular performer always tries to be honest with parents. 16-year-old Stesha Malikova not afraid to discuss the topic of sex with their dad, but Dimitri avoids such conversations.

      Стеша Маликова не стесняется говорить с папой о сексе

      Dmitry Malikov and his wife Elena much allow my daughter Stephanie. 16-year-old girl’s parents are grateful for what they have brought her up not in severity, and in an atmosphere of love and understanding. Parents always listen to her point of view and give advice. Stesha Malikova apologizes to parents at a difficult age

      The education of girls is mainly engaged in mom, since dad is often busy on tour. “I am the good and too sentimental and mom have wise. Her position is to communicate with Stesha equal, like a friend, like an adult,” said Dmitry Malikov in one of the ethers. However, not all the questions the successor may discuss with mom.

      Stefania showed subscribers ask.fm video, where she talks with her father about sex. In the funny clip, which lasts for half a minute, Stesha and John are sitting at dinner in the restaurant. The heiress of the singer forcing him to discuss the issue of concern to many teenagers, but not all decide to treat him to his parents.

      “Daughter not have to talk with dad about sex, my daughter needs to talk about sex with my mom. Therefore, we will not speak,” – said in a video a famous singer.

      More than 500 people left “likes” under that funny video. Dmitry never denies her daughter if she tries to make him a hero photos and videos from your blog.

      At Stefania develop the same trusting relationship with mom and dad. Elena is in many ways a role model. Stesha is proud of his mother and grandfather Yuri. “I don’t know another woman who would possess such a mind and the ability to smooth out a difficult situation. And my grandfather is a man with a big heart and very sincere in the first place, my friend,” said the heiress Malkovich.

      By the way, once Stesha staged a session of answers to questions from subscribers of the blog on ask.fm with the participation of the mom. Elena gave advice to other Teens. She told me about how is to change the appearance, and also explained to the adolescents that you should not worry much because of failures in romantic relationships. According to the mother Stasi, the child should be happy, but are advised to explain to the girl that he had to choose his companions sensible person.

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