Стефания Маликова ревнует отца к маленькому брату
18-year-old daughter of Dmitry Malikov mad at dad for a post on the Network.

Photo: Instagram

“My tongue — my enemy” — this saying can easily adopt Dmitry Malikov. This year 48-year-old singer once again became a father. In January, star collection using a surrogate mother was born son Dmitry and Helen mark. This event amazed and delighted all fans of Dmitri.

It seemed the most happy and the little boy’s sister, 18-year-old Stefania. She published a touching photo with the baby in her arms and claimed that it is incomparable happiness. However, thanks to his father, apparently, Stashu began to tear at the usual sibling rivalry.

The other day dad and daughter together cultural time. They visited the exhibition of Vasily Vereshchagin, which is being held in the Tretyakov gallery. Thereafter, both published in their personal blogs, photo sharing.

“Excursion with my daughter to a Museum… What could be better?! Only son of football!” — wrote under the daughter Malikov.

The first comment under the post left Stephanie. “It’s a shame!” — she wrote. Malik ignored the reaction of his daughter.

Dmitry recently trying to show his sense of humor to subscribers, and it will succeed. But, alas, the last publication he had hurt her daughter and didn’t even think about it.

By the way, once he allowed himself a cruel joke on daughter online. The singer has published in his personal blog the video, which recognizes ocheretyaniy that she was adopted. She does not believe and says that it’s not a funny joke, but Dmitri insisted. After these words, the girl runs away to her mom and yells at the whole house, “Mom, am I adopted?!” Malikov thus after daughter tries to tell her that it was a joke, a prank, but she doesn’t hear.

Most likely, this whole scene was originally staged, but the singer’s fans still didn’t approve. “How can you joke with such things?” — they wondered.

Stefania once talked on the theme of jealousy between children: “I’m already out of the age where jealousy can take me up. I’m sure your parents belong to Ola (daughter Elena from his first marriage, which was adopted by Dimitri. — Approx. Ed.), me and little brother the same way. Imagine yourself large mother. Could I love someone less and someone more? This is simply impossible,” said Stephanie.

But now, when Malikov in the whole country admitted that spending time with my son more interesting for him than with my daughter. The Stesha is, of course, very unpleasant. For many years she was the youngest and favorite child in the family, and now the “palm” unwittingly took the 6 month mark.