Стешу Маликову заинтриговали разговоры о ее бойфренде The girl was left in disbelief after the words fans. For account Stasi Malikova watched by several hundred thousand fans on the social network and regularly ask her questions about his personal life. The daughter of a famous musician tries to talk with fans on a variety of topics, but in no hurry to reveal all the secrets.

      16-year-old daughter of Dmitry Malikov Stefania is a success in social networks. For the account of the young ladies are following several hundred thousand subscribers who are trying to learn as much as possible about your idol. Stesha will gladly satisfy the interest of its followers and tells them about his life. However, some questions and comments really surprise and intrigue Malikov.

      “You have a great guy. You’re lucky,” wrote one of the fans of the girl.

      However, this seemingly nice review somewhat puzzled, the daughter of a famous musician.

      “You know this man? I doubt that”, – only able to answer Malikov such a compliment.

      Interesting that Stesha didn’t tell the public that he met his love. It is possible that this review fans tried to find out whether the busy heart of the young beauty.

      Not so long ago Malikov intrigued his fans by posting a photo taken in the style of the famous project “Follow me.” The girl had turned her back to the camera and held the hand of the unknown, whose face remained behind the scenes. Fans immediately began to wonder who this beautiful stranger, who rose to the roof in the early hours followed by Stesha. Some have speculated that this may be a cousin of the girl, Dmitry Malikov. However, later, he personally joined the conversation and said that he’s not imprinted on the image. This comment is even more challenged by Network users who began to actively discuss Stephanie cavalier hoping to get a response from her.

      In February, when Malikov was celebrating her birthday, she boasted a gorgeous bouquet of roses 1111 in the middle of which was paved letter S from white flower buds. Stesha did not disclose the secret, who gave her such a generous gift.

      Interestingly, parents are not against her daughter courted by young people. However, the mother Stasi Elena speaks out against early marriage and would not want to see her daughter married before 22 years.

      “I don’t choose the grooms Stesha, I think it’s a personal choice. First and foremost, the child should be happy and you must explain to the child, and he needs to hear is that the satellite does not have to be an idiot,” said mom Stephanie.