Анна Хилькевич ответила на обвинения в анорексии The actress does not feel dramatically thin. Anna Khilkevich went with my daughter to the first independent travel on the island of Crete. The celebrity shares with followers pictures from the trip on which she poses in a swimwear. The followers of the star of the series “Univer” very excited about her excessive slimness.

      Actress Anna Khilkevich, known to the Russian audience for her role in the TV series “Univer”, flew with a young daughter on vacation to the island of Crete. In star journey, the mother teaches the baby Arianna to swim in the pool, and takes her to a fascinating walk through the historical places. The artist shares his impressions on the pages of social networking, spreading vivid pictures from the trip.

      Famous blonde shows slender figure. As recognized by Khilkevich, she managed to throw off all the extra pounds gained in pregnancy. Through training and special procedures, Anna reached 46.5 in the balance. However, after examining a photo of the actress in Golden swimsuit, her fans decided that she was obsessed with losing weight and has become very bony.

      “I should feed you, hand like a match”, “how skinny!”, “You do not eat?”, “Not yourself”, “You have to try to gain the weight. You are seriously too skinny,” “Anorexic,” “We fear for Anna. Suddenly she’s anorexic! It’s scary!”, – wrote followers Khilkevich.

      Anna are unable to tolerate such attacks by followers, so in the next post placed the picture of the hand with a different angle. It shows the topography of the biceps. In the caption to the picture of the woman explained that she was all right, no she does not have anorexia.

      “Hand the review does not rest. In the opinion of the minority of “Instagram”, so it looks like the hand of a person suffering from anorexia, and leg! You should have seen what a foot!”, – laughed Lee over criticism.

      In the opinion of admirers of Anna, all people write such angry words, jealous of the actress, her harmony and a happy family. Lee put a lot of effort again to be taut. Moreover, her character in the TV series “Univer” can’t be fat, so for the sake of work two months after the birth of a child, the artist went to the gym.

      “Oh, it’s time to start the hard training for the film. I have a little less than a month to begin shooting the new season of “Uni”, and I need to clean myself so that Yarushin with Cousin said: “Mother, you’re a woman-fire!” But honestly, it’s frightening to imagine how I’m going to leave the house and at what speed to fly home, but what to do… At least, I will do the maximum for my daughter, I love her,” he admitted then Anna.