Стас Каримов не разрешает дочери смотреть "Дом-2"
Stas and Oscar Karimov was among the first participants of the famous TV project “Dom-2”.

Стас Каримов не разрешает дочери смотреть "Дом-2"

They had stayed there a year and a half, but now their opinions of the show changed dramatically.

Stas likes to remember that time, when he participated in the project. At the moment, the young man married and happy with his wife Elena. They have a teenage 13-year-old Mind.

Стас Каримов не разрешает дочери смотреть "Дом-2"

Recently, Karimov spoke negatively about the possibility of participation of his daughter in the TV show.

“The mind accustomed to the fact that I know, but “House-2″ we do not include: daughter I’m not allowed to watch this madhouse, but she herself will not. If the telestroke was really interesting, experimental project, now there is, excuse me, some scum. 13 years is a long time even for such a successful project, it is not surprising that the ratings began to fall,” – says Stas.

According to the man, what is happening on the project – it is embarrassing to watch. Some “old” offer to return to the show, but Stas is in any case not agree to it.

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