Stars mourn “the solar clown” Oleg Popov

Звезды скорбят по «солнечному клоуну» Олегу Попову Before it became known that the actor died at the age of 86 years. Despite his advanced age, he continued to work. On the death of Popova said Edgard Zapashny. According to the trainer, it happened during a tour of Oleg Konstantinovich of Rostov-on-don. Russian celebrities remember the clown in social networks.

      On Wednesday evening Edgard Zapashny told the sad news. On 87-m to year of life died Oleg Popov, a famous Soviet and Russian clown. According to some, the artist’s heart stopped while he sat and watched TV in the hotel at the circus in Rostov-on-don. For a long time Oleg Konstantinovich lived in Germany, but the last two years did not just come on tour in Russia. Relatives of a clown going to bury it abroad, however, the memorial service for the artist held in Moscow and Rostov-on-don.

      Many fans Popova I can’t believe he died so suddenly. Because just a week ago the fans have seen him on walks through the main city of Rostov region. Russian celebrity then I remember how Sunny was this man, and leave words of farewell in social networks.

      The first posts started appearing just half an hour after he learned of the death of Popov. Idanre comic actor Stanislav Sadalsky has posted on his page a photo of Antonov in his famous plaid cap, and in the caption to the picture left a poem.

      “Was dying in the hospital clown, old circus clown. On deceptive shots, he was kept barely alive. Knew nanny, sister, knew, knew wise doctors: the situation is hopeless, though-treat, though not cure!”, – so begins the text.

      Star Comedy Woman Nadezhda Angarskaya also grieving for the deceased Popov. “Farewell, Sunny the clown. Bye, Oleg Popov. And we will remember you with kindness, love and gratitude”, – said the artist. Singer Lolita Milyavskaya, who is currently in Bulgaria, was shocked by the news of the death of Oleg Konstantinovich.

      “It is impossible to imagine life without him. He was with me all through my childhood. I’ve seen many of his performances in circuses in Lviv and Kyiv. I had to explain to him in love. He said that he liked me. How fortunate that in this world there was Oleg Popov! The Kingdom of heaven! So, the heavenly army it took to amuse a higher power,” wrote the star on his page.

      The artists of the comic genre was amazed that the clown did not, because he was familiar to many from the earliest years. “Departed this life on the Sunny clown Oleg Popov. As long as I remember, he was. And now he was gone. A kind man who gave all his life profession, and brought smiles to millions of kids and their parents. Legendary clown. My condolences to the family and friends. On the ground was on a Sunny person less,” wrote Garik Kharlamov.

      On the pages in social networks Alexander Oleshko, Yevgeny Petrosyan and many others made records in which they think of how unique was the circus clown Oleg Popov.