Звезды оплакивают Мухаммеда Али
Gone from the life of legendary boxer.

Muhammad Ali

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The world of sport has suffered an irreplaceable loss. As
reported foreign news Agency, died the famous
heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali. 74-year-old Mohammed died from pulmonary insufficiency. Ali became
bad on Thursday and he was taken to hospital, where his condition continued
to worsen and on Friday night it is not

Three-time world champion is rightly called
not only as the Great Ali. His life was bright and millions of people will keep
the memory about him. Muhammad was not only a remarkable athlete but also a public
figure. Not to mention the fact that any stellar company considered themselves honored when they were joined by Ali. And now, when its not
became a celebrity, one after another, expressed condolences to the family
Mohammed. About how hard they are experiencing his departure from this world, has already
to write on their pages in social networks Madonna, Mariah Carey, Rihanna,
Naomi Campbell, Kate Hudson…

Mohammed first became the world champion when
he was only 22 years old. It was a sensation, because young black
the athlete managed to defeat absolute favorite Sonny Liston. However,
in that time, it had another name. The fact is that in the 60-ies of the last century, the boxer decided to accept Islam, and
from Cassius clay, as he was recorded on the birth certificate, turned in
Muhammad Ali.

He could, without a doubt, win
the title at least every year, but in 1966, his career is suddenly interrupted.
He received a summons to the army and had to serve in Vietnam, where vengeance
the war raged. But Ali refused to serve, declaring that he does not want to fight. “Personally
I have no quarrel with the Viet Cong, me they in no way hurt!” he said in
publicly. This act cost him a suspension from competition for three years
by order of the court. And free from sports time he devoted to the propaganda
anti-war views and the fight for the rights of African Americans.

He returned to the ring only in 1971 and again
proved that he is the best. He again became the champion, beating two outstanding
boxers – Joe Frazier and George foreman. And the third time he won the title in
1980, becoming the middle-aged champion-heavyweight in history.

The last 35 years, Mohammed was seriously ill – through
three years after his retirement from the sport doctors diagnosed him with Parkinson’s disease.
Although this disease is considered incurable, Ali all these years, did not lose courage
and hope.

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