Elena Letuchaya avenged themselves and their colleagues

Елена Летучая отомстила за себя и своих коллег
Abusers the former leading “Revizorro” punished.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Elena Volatile

The presenter is able to achieve
justice. She proved that through the work in the show “Revizorro,” and
now have shown this character trait in real life. As it became known,
the presenter was able to ensure that her offenders were punished — beat it
the crew members of the cafe staff in Salekhard was sentenced to two years of deprivation

This story happened
almost a year ago, but, according to victims, they would remember for a lifetime. In
one of the filming days in the city of Salekhard, Flying together with his colleagues visited with
a check from “Revizorro” cafe “Victoria”. During the “inspection” from presenter staff
institutions, according to Lena, behaved aggressively, and at the end of the filming, and does
attacked the crew with his fists. As a result, one of the operators
received closed cherepno-a brain trauma. Flying after the attack, treated for a long time
from a nervous breakdown. Almost immediately after the incident the presenter with colleagues
approached the local police, intending to punish the offenders by law.

So the other day was
it is known that justice is done and the state came to the defense of
journalists. Flying, which had suffered greatly due to the incident of the incident, was pleased with the sentencing.

By the way, recently
Lena first officially appeared at a social event with my fiance — Yuri
Analogovym. For a long time she hid the elect from prying eyes. By the way,
the former host of the show “Revizorro” will soon be the owner of a double

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