Звезды «Дома-2» разводятся через три месяца после свадьбы Alexey Samsonov and Julia Maulina are unable to save a marriage. Only in December has died down a wedding celebration ex-members of telestroyki, as the pair intends to break off relations.

      Звезды «Дома-2» разводятся через три месяца после свадьбы

      In December of last year Alexey Samsonov and Julia Maulina generously shared her happiness with followers in the social network. Stars “House-2” played a luxurious wedding in the capital. Photos from this event struck the imagination of fans of the pair. The newlyweds were showered in congratulations and best wishes of eternal love. Unfortunately, the pair presented the ideal family parted with reality.

      The star of “House-2” Alexey Samsonov got married

      Recently followers of Julia and Alexey began to notice that on their pages on Instagram are missing photos, which the couple previously posted in large numbers. Many people have not had an argument whether the stars of “House-2”. Because the project the couple there had occurred a quarrel, which, however, ended in a stormy reconciliations. Saulina confirmed that the family is not all right. However, later she admitted that the problems have gone too far.

      Perhaps the divorce Samsonov and his wife will occur in the near future. Alexey until this information has not commented. However, in his microblog subscribers do not get tired to publish requests for conciliation in the second half. Many of them just can’t believe how you can divorce after three months of living together. However, official confirmation of the fact that the husband and wife to terminate your marriage, has not yet appeared.

      Recall that a romantic relationship between Samsonov and Saulino started a couple of years ago. Even though Alex always said that he likes active and temperamental girl, the man found happiness next to the modest Julia, which does not differ by project defiant behavior.

      Offer hands and hearts Saulina received during a trip to Turkey. The man gave his beloved a ring in a romantic setting, near the sea. The girl didn’t have to pull and has agreed to become the wife of Samson. Began preparations for the wedding. In a moment between the bride and groom there was a big quarrel. There was even talk that the wedding was not destined to take place. However, beloved has overcome the crisis in relations. It is not excluded that this time the spouses will reconcile. At least believes most fans of the pair.

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