The star “Exhibit” will play in the series with Khodchenkova

Звезда «Экспоната» сыграет в сериале с Ходченковой

Thanks to the “louboutins” Julia Topolnicky was the first serious role.

Scandalous video of the band “Leningrad” in just two months gained more than 60 million views on YouTube. And its main character, played 24-year-old actress Julia Topolnitskaya, was the real star of the Internet and thanks to the “louboutins” was the first serious work in film.

It is unlikely that Topolnica ever imagined that beating on the casting in “Exhibit” a huge number of contenders, she will write your own ticket. But, the fact – after the premiere of the video was Julia snapped, to it now not to call! And the star actress is not extinguished once the interest in the clip began to subside, on the contrary, she was invited to play a major role in the TV series that this year will show on STS channel.

In the sitcom “Bitch” Topolnicki got the role of manicurist Suslova Nelly – girlfriend of the protagonist of Sony Berezovoi played by Svetlana Khodchenkova. The plot revolves around Sony and restaurant Explorer popular Internet portal. In work and in life, it does not differ friendliness and sociability, on the contrary, all the others cause she only acute bouts of irritation. However, there is one method that can make Sonia the most sociable person ever, literally a drop of alcohol. Knowing about this “disadvantage”, the girl tries to avoid the noisy companies and parties of alcohol, but one glass of wine, which she indulges at the opening of the restaurant, literally turns her life around. The next morning she discovers that the night got a lover – her boss Cyril (Petr Fedorov), and two friends – chatty manicurist Neleus (Julia Topolnica) and neighbor-taxi driver Legal (Alexander Pahl). Sober they enrage her even more – Sonia are ready to do anything her friends behind obsessive and clingy boyfriend.

It is noteworthy that among the heroines of Topolnicki from the TV series and “Exhibit” there is some parallel.

Julia Topolnica: “Neli is also no money for the expensive brands, so she buys what she can afford. Personally, I think her wardrobe vulgar as clothes of my heroine from the clip. But, unlike that character, Nelly is not arrogant – rather, open and naive. She really delights in everything that happens in her life, and in this sense we look alike”.

Meanwhile, while Julia’s career goes uphill, the performer of a hit “Exhibit” Alice Vaux was kicked out of the group “Leningrad”!

Rumors that the Cord decided to break up with Alice, went immediately after the release of the song. The singer, who performed “louboutins-tries and a drop dead pants”, has gained such enormous popularity that hardly has not eclipsed the most Shnurov. Sergei and decided that the girl “zazvezdilsya” and it’s time to leave.

What can I say, it’s a shame! But Alice, like Julia, is now unlikely to disappear. Thanks to the “louboutins” girls have already left a mark in the history of show business.

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