Звезда сериала «Универ» провалился в колодец
Stas Yarushin was hurt during the video shooting.

Stas Yarushin

Photo: Press service of the Stas Yarushina

Star of TV series “Univer” Stas Yarushin released their debut album
and shot a video for the title track “like this”. Getting to the filming of the video, the actor
did not know that during the filming of his life and health will be seriously

In the story the hero of the clip is moved through the ruins of the plant and
construction debris, heading for the mystical, inviting his microphone. When Stas saw the venue shots — abandoned shops
plant ZIL with humor noted that the place looks like stills from the movie “I am legend”.

“It seems that with the arrival of darkness from all cracks crept ones
creature, so I hope we to night won’t be here long”, – was mystics
the artist, being in good spirits. But when began to get dark, it was beyond a joke. Just in
this time Stas followed in the dark for the glowing microphone on the balance
construction waste. Suddenly the boards beneath the feet of the Stas cracked, and he
fell into a manhole, knows how to find themselves open. At the time of the fall
next to the artist was empty, as the crew were on
distance, so as not to get into the frame. At the last second Arosio managed
to grab the wooden beam. So he hung until he arrived workers
set and have not pulled the actor to the surface. No one knows what would
ended the incident, if he fell into a dark well, the depth of which has not
managed to determine.

Fortunately, Stas got off lightly: abrasions,
stained suit, and numerous splinters in the hands. To this point remained
shoot only closeups, so spoiled suit was not the cause
interrupt the shooting process. However, Yarushina the rest of the day seriously
worried about splinters, which he pulled out from her palms, the rest of the evening.

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