Анна Снаткина распланировала свое лето
The actress had already decided how to spend the holidays.

Anna Snatkina

Photo: Instagram.com

Anna Snatkina taken care of in advance about your vacation. In this
year, she, along with her husband Victor
Vasiliev and daughter Veronica will spend the summer on the Black sea. “We have planned the month
to be held in Crimea. Patriotic attitude to this question, — smiles Snatkina. First with my daughter for two weeks will
I, and then I will replace the parents. I would’ve gladly spent all summer with Veronica,
but you need to work”.

In a recent interview 7days.ru Anna admitted,
that Veronica, which is already three
year, is the biggest happiness in the life of the actress. “To be honest, we spoil our daughter. She’s a girl until
the only. We plan on adding to the family, but later. For the time being,
all the love you give to Veronica. We want for her, of course, the best. The kid to have all that we can
to give,” says Snatkina.

By the way, in the family of Snatkina and Vasiliev is not a babysitter. Wife
themselves trying to cope with raising the baby, and when both are absent, on
here comes the mother of Anna. The actress and her
my husband has not showed daughter the press and the General public. Snatkina believes that Veronica is still too
small. “We will show her when she grows up. Children to me is sacred. Here it is
tell me: “Mom, I want to shoot for
magazine.” And then we’ll show, but it will be her decision”, — said Anna.

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