Звезда сериала «Красная королева»: «Ради этой роли я два месяца сидела на жесткой диете»
The actress was first told about the sacrifices she had to go to this movie.

Звезда сериала «Красная королева»: «Ради этой роли я два месяца сидела на жесткой диете»

Xenia Lukyanchikova

Photo: from personal archive of Lukyanchikova

Xenia lukyanchikova in the series “the Red Queen”

Photo: the First channel

the role of the famous Soviet model of Regina’s Life actress Ksenia had Lukyanchikova
four times. And after every test warned her: “You should lose weight”. It
heard these words, even in the moment when it is finally approved.

“What should I do? I had no options, I knew I must play this role,” says the actress.

Problems with
weighing in Xenia had since childhood. In school, she even called me fat. “I was mad
sweet tooth. Loved chocolate, bread, biscuits. As this stuff could not
to love?! It seemed to me that the best birthday gift!
chocolate gingerbread. Naturally, such a gift I never got…” Only in
14 years when I first fell in love, she decided to look different. And for one summer
got rid of 25
pounds. Classmates simply did not recognize!

For the role
Regina’s Life the actress had to lose weight 15 pounds. ”
2 months is quite possible, — said Xenia. If you want you can per month.
Although, of course, it’s hard, and I had a nervous breakdown. After all, had to eat only buckwheat, vegetables,
lettuce, apples and drink yogurt. Plus the producers of the picture were constantly sent me
money for a massage. The most difficult was the last 7 pounds — they were leaving work.”

By the beginning of
filming the actress has achieved the perfect form and perfectly coped with the role. Other
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