Actor Alexei Zharkov struck a stroke

Актера Алексея Жаркова сразил инсульт Three weeks ago the actor was hospitalized in one of capital clinics. Now Alexey Zharkov is in serious but stable condition.

      Актера Алексея Жаркова сразил инсульт

      About stars of the Soviet cinema, we often remember when the assistance is no longer needed. Few people know that Alexey Zharkov, who played in dozens of paintings, in November last year for the second time became a grandfather – his granddaughter was born. That’s just caring for her actor almost didn’t: three weeks ago he was urgently hospitalized in one of capital clinics struck a second stroke. 67-year-old actor is in serious but stable condition.

      “He has not really recovered after the first attack, which was in 2012, said “StarHit” a close friend of the actor, the journalist Stanislav Malozemov. – To it while no one is allowed. Very helpful, including the money guys – Michael politseymako, Alex Buldakov. Not from the actor’s team also has assistants. God forbid that the worst has passed a party”.

      Alexey Zharkov after the first stroke was bedridden. At that time there were not so many friends, willing to help. For a long time about the true reason for the sudden disappearance of the actor from the screens no one even knew existed.

      “Creative people are very kind public: kiss and hug on the people and cameras, continues with a hierarchy, and if the trouble is… no one except family and two or three people enthusiasts. The rest have either shame, or very convincing. The same story was with George Surkovym, and with Oleg Jankowski”.

      Актера Алексея Жаркова сразил инсульт

      Only a year after the tragedy, Zharkov went to the amendment – began to walk with a cane, slowly restored it. All this time beside him was just his family – wife Love, children and granddaughter. However, according to colleagues, to break off relations with the friends decided the actor himself. “It’s not we stopped to chat with him and he with us,” says Director Svetlana Druzhinina.

      Shortly before the first stroke Zharkov moved with his wife from his Moscow apartment in a country house that he built with his own hands – money delights is not enough, and roles became smaller. After the illness of the actor and completely forgotten.

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