Звезда сериала «Королева красоты» родила дочь
Actress Valeria Kozhevnikov became a mother.

Valeriy Kozhevnikov

Photo: personal archive

In the famous hospital “Lapino” actress Valeria
Kozhevnikova gave birth to a daughter. The girl’s weight was 3300 kg and a height of 51 see

“The birth went great, and I am incredibly happy to hold my little Princess in her arms. To
also my husband was present at birth and very supportive. Baby we
decided to call eve”, — says Valeria.

By the way, Valeria entire pregnancy led
active lifestyle, played sports, attended film festivals and starred in

For example, in the Comedy “Life ahead” she
starred, being 8 months pregnant.

“I’m a very active person. Doing nothing
depressing me. Sure you can
to combine motherhood and job, and
I already have offers for early next year. So in the form
will have to come quickly,” — says Valery.