Звезда КВН Ольга Картункова похудела на 54 килограмма
Lose weight actress Comedy “Once in Russia” on TNT forced a leg injury.

Звезда КВН Ольга Картункова похудела на 54 килограмма

Olga Bartunkova during the game in KVN

Olga Bartunkova, debuted in feature films in new Comedy Sergei
Svetlakov and Alexander Nezlobin “Groom,” appeared on the premiere of the picture in
a whole new way. Not all were able to learn in postroynevshaya star captain
the legendary team of KVN “Pyatigorsk”. Olga admitted that during the year she managed to lose 32 kilograms
then dial 52 pounds, and then lose 54 pounds!

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“Due to a leg injury torn nerve, told 7days.ru Olga. I couldn’t
okay to lift his leg changed his gait… And to restore the nerve in that
the place is almost unreal. By fate accidentally in Israel, I
met one of the three specialists in the world who can do the transplant
nerve in the foot. The operation was successful. But the restoration will go a long
and the extra weight exacerbates the situation. This prompted me to feats with diets.
Now all overweight women urge to go to the experts and to lose weight, to lose weight….
There is another reason why I was set so strongly, argued with
my guys from the team that two months lost 35 pounds.”

Звезда КВН Ольга Картункова похудела на 54 килограмма

So Olga looks now

Photo: instagram

Звезда КВН Ольга Картункова похудела на 54 килограмма

Olga Bartunkova

Photo: instagram

One of the last photos of Olga Bartunkova on the program “Evening Urgant”

Helped to lose weight Olga not international specialists or new-fashioned nutritionists.
Worked with her dietitian Love from Pyatigorsk.

“The nature of her harsh laughs Bartunkova. Immediately
warned: if, like, ever violate my recommendation, don’t
call. For a month I lost 22 pounds. But it happened
the husband’s birthday, and he’s a retiree. It was his friends, my
friends — the whole house! The table, of course, festive… the next day I
as an honest fool, admitted Luba: “he took a SIP of brandy, but ate their food,
diet.” She said, “don’t call me anymore” and hung up. I have
was hysterical, I was crying so that the burst capillaries in the eyes. My friend
which week of the diet could not withstand, called the Luba and begged her not
to leave me. Two days later, the nutritionist contacted me, said I first
the client, whom she forgives. When I lost 35 pounds (with
134 to 99), she said goodbye to me: “you won the Dispute and now have to argue
only to herself, go on by myself.” I lasted exactly a month. Then
remember that not everything tried, and failed. Reached 151
kg, height 170 cm. Here’s to 20 pounds and I would
square. Horrified, I pulled myself together and calmed down until I saw
in the balance figure 97″.

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