Геннадий Малахов возвращается на телевидение
Healer will lead a new project “Alphabet of health”.

Геннадий Малахов возвращается на телевидение

Gennady Malakhov

Photo: TV-3

Marina Korpan

Photo: TV-3

He is back! In the nearest Saturday in the new morning show TV-3 starts “the ABCs of health Gennady Malakhov”. This informative and entertaining program
about healthy habits, in which the flamboyant broadcaster and writer will give practical advice about what is “good” and what is
“bad” in relation to the body. And his co-host Marina Korpan will try to curb my partner and I weigh about
the most modern trends in medicine.

“People often hope for medicine, pills, doctors, — says Gennady. — It’s not right! The main hope should be for themselves,
on his own body. You have to strengthen, to support, to cherish, not
to wear… I Hope we with Marina will not argue,
although we have different approaches to the improvement of the body!”.

In co-host Malakhov invited the one who knows the way easy weight loss. Marina
Korpan is the author of the technique, which
you can lose weight just by breathing correctly. “I’m on television in 2007, making her own and always
wanted to keep a useful program about health, ” says Marina. — And finally,
the stars just so happened that I was invited to such a program. I do not
only weight loss… We are with Gennady Petrovich the same
the topic or problem look differently. And it’s cool!”