Star is in shock! Have Buzovoy stole “Instagram”

Звезда в шоке! У Бузовой украли «Инстаграм»

For the second time this year we presenter hacked account on the social network.

The popularity is known to have two sides: on one of them – the fans love and glory, to another – the attention of scammers who strive every minute to earn a star on your behalf. That’s really the second time this year a victim of the burglars was Olga Buzova. Her page in Instagram, which had about 4 million subscribers, has simply stolen.

This was told by a good friend of the presenter, the General producer of “House-2” Alexey Mihajlovsky. On his page he posted a video where Olga personally reports that it was hacked.

Last night Olga Buzova, sitting on shootings in “the House-2”, wanted to put another photo in “Instagram”, but are unable to go to the page of your account. Tried several NRAs, the phone rebooted, but the result was zero. Then Olga went to the page of his clothing stores Olga Buzova Design and found that her fans have long sounded the alarm. “Where’s Oli account?”, “Can’t go to the page of Oli”, “Olga hacked?” wrote to excited fans.

Buzova immediately contacted tech support “Instagram” and complained that her page was hacked. The presenter explained that in order to restore your account, you need to take a picture with your nickname and attach documents confirming the identity. Support team will examine them and, if there are additional questions, return the account to the rightful owner. Though why was Olga to explain it, it is not the first time in this situation.

Stole Instagram Olga Buzova! For the second time this year. Tough!

Video published by Alexey Mikhaylovskiy (@a_mikhailovskiy) 30 Mar 2016 12:02 PDT

About a year ago, criminals hacked e-mail of Olga Buzova and started sending her friends letters asking to transfer money. The TV presenter had time to make an official statement: “Urgent! My work email account hacked and it went fraudulent transactions. Was the spam-mailings with other people’s details. Please, in all business matters contact only with my Director. And huge request all financial issues to solve too, only with him,” warned his followers in the blog Buzova.

To date, the account of Olga are still not restored. While the presenter communicates with his fans through the page of his shop Olga Buzova Design. Today she wrote a post with words of gratitude: “Thank you for everything I have and always supportive. Though the mood and not the most cheerful, but the work has not been canceled”.

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