Станислав Садальский возмущен шоу Дмитрия Шепелева The artist was unpleasant to watch it. The first hero of the new program “actually” was the actor Alexei Panin, who met with his ex-wife Yulia Yudintseva and discussed issues relating to the upbringing of their daughter of nyusi. Stanislav Sadalsky did not restrain negative emotions.
Станислав Садальский возмущен шоу Дмитрия Шепелева

Actor Stanislav Sadalsky often shares his opinion with followers of the social network. The man isn’t afraid to hurt other people’s feelings, and so often criticizes the work of figures of show-business. Yesterday the First channel showed the audience their new program “actually”. The leading program has been selected Dmitry Shepelev is due to the fact that is still not the complicated case after the death of Jeanne Friske. Sadalsky found the time to rate the show. As reported by the actor, he was frustrated and dissatisfied with what I saw on the screen. He decided to ask the other viewers their opinion about the program.

“You didn’t see on the First channel a new transmission with Shepelev? Disgusting aftertaste. Earlier television was a window to the world, now this window in ***. And did you like?” – written by the artist.

Followers of Stanislav Sadalsky hastened to tell what they have felt, when I saw on the First channel show with Dmitry Shepelev. Some netizens have agreed with the opinion of the artist and was upset that this program was put in Prime time. “Disgusting disgustingness. I hope the transfer will sink into oblivion, like many others, with the arrival of the new season. By the way, your Stas show about the pill was, too put it mildly, not ice”, “How said”, “Yeah. Worse still there was nothing. Learn how to fight. Stir up the people mood. Sick of it all. Why money on this stuff only spend?”, “I hope it won’t last, such nonsense. And most importantly, total nonsense that in the end?” – opinions of the followers of the artist.

Shortly before the premiere of the show “really” Sadalsky has told in the microblog that the editors of the programme called him to become the hero of one of the editions. Despite the appearance fee, the artist abandoned the idea. Sadalsky and Vasiliev made a terrible fight during a talk show

“Invited to the First channel in a new show to Shepelevo – in lie detector. (…) Opponents offered a choice of all of the controversial toys from Maksakova husband to Tamara Miansarova Mark. Refused, not interested. First, I apriori wins – lying, saying you know you know a lot. Secondly, these characters are already washed stones, I’m just bored. With an indignant mark have no desire at all to talk…” said Sadalsky.